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In 1950 a group of Swiss industrialists led by Mauricio O. Amsler, partnered to found HELVEX. Soon after, Mr. Jorge Barbara Zetina joined as General Manager to build Helvex into the premier manufacturer and distributor of fine plumbing fixtures in Central and South America, and beyond.

Helvex now has five factories with more than 1 million sq.ft., in Mexico making it one of the most integrated manufacturers in the Americas. We control every process from start to finish to assure our customers only the finest of innovation, design, and quality. We are the leading manufacturer of faucets, accessories, and vitreous china for the medium-high and high-end sectors.

During the first years, Mr. Jorge Barbara Zetina joined the company as General Manager and worked very hard in creating what several decades ago is the leading manufacturer of bathroom faucets, accessories and vitreous china, for medium-high and high segments. With 5 factories in Mexico, Helvex is one of the most integrated manufacturers in the Americas, controlling all its processes form start to finish.



Our mission is to captivate our clients through immaculate products and service of the highest quality. Our work is to create integral solutions for bathrooms and kitchens alike.


We are a leader in the development and innovation of highest-quality products. We are immediately recognized by functionality, aesthetics, and durability. We provide integral support and give full satisfaction to our customers to provide an exceptional end-user experience.


The HELVEX brand is proudly built on a foundation of innovation, design, honesty, trust, responsibility, service, and customer satisfaction.

Why Helvex

  • 100% vertical integration across all our manufacturing processes.
  • Lifetime warranties against manufacturing defects.
  • Quality performance higher than international standards: NOM, ISO, NSF, ANSI, ASME, etc.
  • Personal attention to the customer experience: before, during, and after order fulfillment.
  • World-class technical support with immediate response times.
  • Nimble and flexible to fulfill special orders and custom product specifications.
  • Continuous development and innovation of new technology.
  • Perfect integration of cutting-edge design and flawless functionality.
  • Extensive support network to service national and international clients.


Since the beginning, HELVEX has been genuinely committed to environmental conservation and the health of our employees. We invest in the most advanced equipment for our extraction and manufacturing processes including air filtration, water treatment, and replenishing aquifers.

We have been considered a clean company for decades. Our water-conserving products put us at the forefront of green technology and can be used to help achieve waterefficiency goals as well as gaining USGBC LEED points.