Helvex Foundation

As part of our commitment to the community and water saving, we created Helvex Foundation, a non-profit organization that has benefited millions of people of all ages by raising their quality of life, strengthening their capacities and abilities and achieving more and better opportunities.


Collaborate and promote the responsible and reasonable use of water resources in daily activities. To provide decent water and sanitation solutions that contribute to improve the quality of life of its beneficiaries.


Promote a water culture to reduce the environmental impact of the actions generated in the country.


Building Smiles is a program through which Helvex Foundation extends to civil organizations the opportunity to obtain donations of Helvex products (faucets, shower heads, vitreous china and accessories, etc.) in order to improve their hydro-sanitary installations, which improves the quality of life of their beneficiaries.

Over the past 10 years, the program has benefited more than 100 organizations: 

Product Donated
People benefited 
for Life

Technical Skills for Life is an initiative whose mission is to offer free and certified training with the support of the Helvex Training Institute. With this we can support groups in vulnerable situations to obtain technical knowledge in plumbing installation and maintenance, which becomes a work tool for these people, resulting in improving their quality of life.

Plumbing First Responders for Women Program
Helvex created a special program for women in vulnerable situations, giving them tools to becoming certified plumbers and contributing to their personal and professional growth. 

Successful story
Samantha came to the Women's Plumbing Training at the worst stage of her life. She had decided to separate from her husband after a violent and abusive relationship, and she never imagined that this workshop would be the lifeline that would change her entire life.Samantha is now a certified plumber and works supplying materials for a major office building in Mexico City.

More than 350 women 
+350 women
have been benefited by this program.

For Helvex Foundation, raising awareness among children and teenagers has become one of our main pillars, which is why through Xpress yourself we can promote, work and contribute to the awareness of water-saving, showing them the importance of forests and jungles as the main natural water factories.

In this program, children and teenagers are invited to generate ideas that respond to one of the following questions: How could you help to take care of water, How could you encourage others to take care of water, or What is the importance of taking care of water? Their ideas must be captured in a photograph or video for the participant to upload their work to social networks.

Hydro-Sustainable Hotel Distinctive

The Hydro-Sustainable Hotel Distinctive, encourages and recognizes the best environmental practices in the use and care of water in hotels. It is awarded by the members of the Alliance for Water Sustainability in Tourism (www.alianzahidrosustentable.org) of which Helvex Foundation is a member and serves as the validating body for participating hotels.


Hotels involved in this Project
Gallons of water saved
Hotels awarded
Hydro - Sustainable Diagnostics

It is a program that consists in the evaluation of water performance in any type of project. Its purpose is to determine the necessary corrective actions that can be taken to mitigate adverse impacts based on the collection of samples, direct measurements and Information analysis.

- Recommendation to reduce water consumption
- Technical annexes (hydro-sanitary plans)
- Sampling of average device consumption
- Proposal for rainwater harvesting and/or wastewater treatment plant
- Renders
- Water saving study 

The process for a project to be granted a Sustainable Water Diagnosis is the following:
Contact Helvex Foundation and make an appointment 
The project will receive a visit from Helvex Foundation team, that will perform collection of samples and information.
The project will receive 
Financial savings
Reduction of water and energy pollutant emissions.
Support for the implementation of an environmental management system.
Quality and service. 
Obtaining awards and/or certifications.
Continuous improvement
Compliance with current regulations.
Government Buildings
Corporate offices